Mommy's Journal

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Our Funny Boy
26 March 2007 23:19

So last night, Robert woke up crying around 12-12:30. Geof had *just* climbed into bed, so I told him I'd go see what was up. Just like the night before, he had wedged his head in the corner of the crib and was in a fetal position, knees down on the mattress. I started to get his bed back to normal and he helped and laid down. (more)

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24 March 2007 01:24

My friend, Jenn, just asked me if Robert plays with his doll that we gave him to bring home from the hospital when we brought Mikki home. He didn't for awhile - more than to try and pull the (sewn-on) giraffe toy off of it. But now Robert DOES play with his baby doll. A lot more now than before. He also plays with an old Cabbage Patch Kid of mine, but "Baby" moreso. He has this Fisher-Price walker thing that you can flip part of it down and it works like a stroller. He calls the whole thing his baah-poom (vacuum), but he'll have me put Baby in it and he'll push it around... and hide puzzle pieces behind Baby, too =)

If I ever get my act in gear and get some more pictures taken, I'll have to get one of Robert pushing Baby.

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03 March 2007 22:59

We had read somewhere that by about this age, kids should be able to stand on one foot. We asked Robert a few days ago, and he did, but he held on to the couch or one of us when he did it.

This afternoon, Geof said, "Hey Robert! Can you stand on one foot?"

Robert picked up his right foot... and put it down on top of his left foot =)

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Personal Timer
02 March 2007 11:43

Our oven timer sets off a series of three high pitched beeps when time is up. It just went off.

Robert is walking around going, "Dee dee dee. Dee dee dee. Dee dee dee. Dee dee dee..."

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