Mommy's Journal

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Jesus Cards
30 May 2008 22:11

In the mail we got yesterday after getting home from our trip, there was a packet with three cards in it to my mom... from some organization to which she used to send donations. The cards have a picture on them of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Robert claimed them as his "Jesus cards" and he talks to Jesus throughout the day. At lunch, he brought them to the table and asked Jesus if it was okay to have food (we explained that we do that before every meal with the "standard Lutheran" Come, Lord Jesus prayer, too). He takes Jesus all over the house with him. When he went down for his nap a few minutes ago, he realized that he had left Jesus on the floor in the living room and asked me to go get Him for him. When I did, he said that he needed to keep the Jesus cards safe and would keep them in his bed... and as I left he was talking to Jesus.


Daddy's Journal
Raising a child (and preparing to raise a child) is expensive. Now, I don't want to make this sound like a plea for aid, but I know how generous people can be. Anyone wishing to share their generosity with us is welcome. We accept gifts through PayPal. If you would like to snail mail us, contact us for our mailing address.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!