Mommy's Journal

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My Big Boy!
18 August 2008 23:41

We "graduated" Robert today from potty training. We're officially calling him done. He can sleep overnight in underwear, even last night where he didn't come out to pee again after getting tucked in and slept through some massive thunder storms (in the Pacific Northwest!) without wetting the bed. I'm so proud of him.

His graduation present was a kiddo sized Spiderman backpack with some Spiderman stickers and pencils inside. He immediately put his "computer" in it, just like Geof's backpack, and has been wearing it all day - even through lunch. He let me take it off of him when I put him down for his nap, but it's sitting on his night stand waiting.

He's so awesome. And he's funny, too! We went down to Newport yesterday to do some shopping at Staples and Wal-Mart. We forgot to bring his potty, but he didn't ask to go until we were at our last stop before heading home. I'm not ready to teach him that he can just pee in the bushes yet (I don't want him dropping his pants in public whenever), but we had an empty cup that came with his drink at lunch. So I got him secluded from view in the van and had him pee in the cup. At first, he was mortified! "Mama! We DON'T pee in CUPS!" I explained that, no, we normally don't pee in cups. But that without the potty, this was our only option right then. So he peed. And peed. And peed. Then, THEN he thought it was really cool. Geof got back out to the car while I was getting Robert all zipped up again, so he got Robert back into the car seat and I found a wooded area there to dump the cup out. About 5 minutes from home, he told me that he had to pee again. I said we were almost home. He thought about that for a few seconds and then excitedly said, "Can I pee in a cup again?"

Daddy's Journal
Raising a child (and preparing to raise a child) is expensive. Now, I don't want to make this sound like a plea for aid, but I know how generous people can be. Anyone wishing to share their generosity with us is welcome. We accept gifts through PayPal. If you would like to snail mail us, contact us for our mailing address.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!