Welcome to the New Journal

June 19 2004 18:35 (+ 5 - 6 )

Well, the easiest way to say this is that I grew weary of CuteNews. Yes, it definitely served its purpose, but it is time to move on to something more capable and powerful. Don't get me wrong, I still like and use CuteNews; it works really well at The Arcadium. It's just here, where I would perhaps need something where I can keep an eye on comments and the like a little better, plus have more automation over archiving. Enter Pivot (there is a link to it below in the Stuff section), and you see my new Journal. Some things look different. Some things look better. Everything is still here.

Things may act a little weird for a few hours or days as I make the transition and changes to the site. Everything should be functional, though. If you find something is broken, let me know (thanks!).

So, enjoy the site!

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