I Miss Hockey

October 07 2004 23:46 (+ 9 - 5 )

It has been a while since I have posted something here. Well, it now being October 7, it seemed like a good time to post something.

There is nothing political about this post. Well, there is nothing political as it pertains to the leadership of my country. In fact, though a majority of what goes on with relation to this post goes on in my country, this post is concerned with something that is a concern of our neighbors to the north.

This post is about something that is missing. Sure, there are fixes available. I could play the video game version. There are minor leagues available. But I just spent time a few months ago celebrating what had happened with a favorite of mine. I was hoping to be able to watch a defense of it...


I considered writing an open letter to someone--to air my complaint before the public and addressing that complaint to a person or organization. That of course would preclude knowing who to address. I can't say with any certainty that I know who.

There is a labor problem in the NHL. Teams aren't making the money they need to stay afloat and player salaries are exploding at the same time. Team owners want a salary cap or some sort of salary control. The players association says a cap is unacceptable, that player salaries are still well below those in the NFL, MLB, and NBA (leagues that rank above the NHL in revenue and popularity). Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, labeled the fans "victims" and blamed the players. Bob Goodenow, the president of the NHLPA, is hard-headed and will not listen.

I can't blame anyone in particular. I can blame everyone in general. Yes, I feel cheated. Why? Because there is no NHL (right now)! There's an old saying, "It takes two to tango." You know, no one can honestly blame one group or person over the other; they are all at fault over this lockout. So, in a sense, I guess the fans are victims.

At the same time, we'll get along. But, and this is a warning to all involved in the NHL, don't be surprised when we, the fans, are bitter. Do you recall what happened with baseball several years ago? There was a work stoppage, and the fans grew disinterested in baseball (it took a long time for them to go back). If you thought revenue was down while the game was playing, wait for when it returns, but the fans don't!

You see, hockey is fun and exciting, but it isn't life. Hockey is the coolest game on earth, but it isn't the only game. Hockey is a great sport to watch and be a fan of, but we can live without it. The longer you don't play, the more apt we are to forget about you!

So, I encourage you to sit down and get your act together as soon as possible. Get your head out of your asses and talk to each other. Stop playing hockey on paper only and put the players back out on the ice. Save hockey and keep your fans while you still can!

Oh, and a lesson in don't need a salary cap to not pay a player. If a player wants more than you are willing to pay, you don't have to sign or re-sign him. You already have control over their salaries. Eventually, the player will figure out that he can't ask every team for some ungodly amount of money and will have to settle for what a team is willing to pay him. Oh, and there's a reason why player salaries are lower than those in the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Those three leagues make more money than the NHL. They are more popular leagues. Real people put more money into those leagues than into the NHL.

So, stop your fighting and name-calling. Sit down, talk with each other, come to an agreement, and let's have some hockey. Let's do this quickly before I begin to discover how good life can be without the world's coolest game.

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