A Little Explanation of the Site(s)

October 16 2004 00:05 (+ 14 - 13 )

You will see in the top right corner of (most) of the journal entries something that looks like this (colors not withstanding):

+ 0 - 0 |
Well, here's what those things mean, in case you wanted to know:
  • + 0: You can click on the plus sign to vote "good" on the post. This is part of what many journals call a karma system. It will simply let others know if visitors thought the post was a good post. The number will indicate the number of "good" votes the post has received.
  • - 0: This works the same as the "+ 0" except it means a vote of "bad."
  • : The "section" symbol serves as a link to the journal entry in the archives. Basically, it lets you go the section of the archives in which that article is found. For instance, if you click on the in a journal article dated 30 September 2004, you would see all the entries from the September archives for that journal and all related journals which are archived together (i.e., Baby Polls, Mommy Log, and Daddy Log; or Atlantis, Link Dump, and Here's Your Sign).
  • : The "paragraph" symbol serves as a link to just that entry. If you clicked that link, you would be able to read the full entry in the current window (as opposed to a pop-up window).

    So, there you have it. That is, in case you were wondering...

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