New Look...Ain't it Spiffy?

October 16 2004 20:21 (+ 6 - 6 )

Well, I got tired of this cluttered look...yeah, I still thought the last new look was cluttered. Anyway, this is the new look for the site. It's pretty neat, I think. Some things don't work yet, but they'll be here soon enough. Enjoy!

Oh, I'll also be tweaking the look of some of the other things while I'm at it. Sooner or later, everything will look like it fits...since some things kinda don't right now.

If something doesn't seem to work like it should, let me know (because I might not otherwise know or find out for a while on my own).

one comment:

Me =) [ ] October 17 2004 17:37
I think it looks spiffy =)