Site Renovation Complete...Sorta

October 18 2004 19:49 (+ 9 - 6 )

Yes, with this entry, the return of the hymns section has happened.

It seems, from my end anyway, that everything is working as it should. If you find anything that seems "out of whack," let me know; my email address appears in all of my journal posts. I'll be tweaking things now and then--I may make some changes to the font of the random quotes in the upper right corner, I may change the order in which sermons, hymns, and poems are sorted, and other small things here and there. The tweaks are superficial, however, some may never be noticed (except by me).

Now, there is officially NO IE FRIENDLY version. Atlantis is now completely Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and Internet Explorer friendly, without different versions. There is also no mobile version, but I have plans for one that should be pretty easy to do, considering the "flat file" type of changes I made to everything else in here.

We have development on Skin Mobile to thank for the changes here...some of you may have noticed the resemblance...

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