Browser Compatibility

June 19 2004 20:41 (+ 6 - 5 )

Listen folks, Microsoft Internet Explorer plain sucks. There is a much, much, much better browser out there with all kinds of neat features that IE can only dream of having. This site looks awful in IE. I can't explain it. You can still manuever and do stuff in IE, things will just look out of place and lines will be drawn across things in a funny sort of fashion. I even tried reposting all the original templates to the site, and it still does the same thing.

So, I recommend you download and use Mozilla (or even their Firefox browser). Even if this site looked right in IE, I would still recommend Mozilla. It's just that much better a browser!

three comments:

Stingray [() (link)] June 19 2004 23:22
Well, I was able to work with the stylesheets some. The page looks better in IE, definitely more navigable. It still looks the best in Mozilla, however. I still recommend downloading Mozilla, whether or not you want a browser most compatible with my site.

Stingray [() (link)] June 19 2004 23:30
You know, it seems like I just get it fixed in IE and the darn right column jumps a few pixels left again. I give up! I really hate IE!

Stingray [() (link)] June 20 2004 13:26
As near as I can guess, the column hops because the up-down scrollbar pushes it over (so that it won't end up underneath it). This is not a problem in Mozilla, as I have an up-down scrollbar, and the right column is the right size and in its proper place. I am guessing this because IE also gives me a left-right scrollbar.

Damn Microsoft for thinking they can create their own html and css standards without other people's input. Every other browser out there (that I know of) conforms to the standards in which this web page has been written.