Me Thinks He Dost Talk Too Much

October 22 2004 23:45 (+ 5 - 6 )

"I have a plan..."

Listen to anything coming from the Kerry campaign, and that about sums things up. Take the flip-floppiness of the senator himself, add that to whatever anyone doesn't like about Bush or his policies, and Kerry will pounce on it. And the most he ever says is "I have a plan."

Don't belive me? Just take a look at the planner's ideas. From "the enemy's" own website we see his own indecisiveness.

That's one of the things I do not like about Senator Kerry. That's the thing that frightens me the most: he passes off hopes and dreams as plans without any real idea of how he plans on doing these things.

Some of those things under "Consider Kerry's Plan" are nice dreams. If elected, he may see one or two of them. But all his "planning" will be for naught, because he will never be able to see any of them because they are just that--hopes and dreams--and not real plans. Let's see, in only one of them does he have a "plan" to "..." by doing something, and even the "by" is a dream. How do you plan to enact these plans, Mr. Senator?

Oh, and this latest one, that you don't even see on that page, is a "plan" to do away with the color-coded terror alert system and find "some more thoughtful way of alerting America." As is usually the case from this man, he cannot tell us what this "more thoughtful way" is, but I'm sure "he has a plan."

You know, I'm willing to bet that if (hopefully, when) he loses the presidential election, if he stays in the senate (I don't know if he's doing like Lieberman did last time), we still won't know what his "plan" is because he really doesn't have one. Like I said before, all his planning is just hopes and dreams.

That's why I'm voting for someone with conviction, dedication, and deciveness. I want a man to lead my country who can think and is not afraid to stand up to our enemies, the media, even our friends no matter what time of the year it is, whether elections are coming up or if he has the highest approval rating of any sitting president. I want a man who will stand for something, rather than flip-flopping for anything. This year, 2004, I want George W. Bush as my president, John Thune as my senator, and Larry Diedrich as my representative. These men, more than any others currently running, are the ones who best can protect and actually revere life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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