I'm Jumping onto the Band Wagon

October 23 2004 21:22 (+ 7 - 7 )

For a couple of years now, I've been saying, "Give the man a chance." Well, I think he's had his chance. He blew it. I am talking of Ron Zook...

After losing a nail biter to LSU at home, Ron Zook said he had trouble sleeping. I wonder how much trouble he is having tonight. After a 38-31 loss on the road to a Mississippi State team that, well, sucks, he should not be able to sleep at all. The thing that should be keeping him up is the fear for his job.

UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley can prove to us just how much of a friend of Zook's he is by how he handles the situation. Foley has a track record of firing good coaches because they just aren't good enough. Now, Zook is on the verge of another disappointing season. Will Foley fire his good friend? I certainly hope so.

I wonder if Zook has ambitions for anything other than football coaching. He should look into it. He may be a good recruiter, but all the talent he recruits for UF is being wasted by his lack of coaching ability. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Chris Leak, an excellent quarterback, seeks transfer to a school at which he can win...I would support him in that and cheer for him, even if it were to FSU, Miami, Georgia, or Tennessee (as long as he is not playing against UF, that is).

So, Mr. Foley, this is a call for you to fire Zook. He stinks!

Want to know what I'm talking about? Read this. While you're at it, visit Fire Ron Zook, but not for too long because the white text on black background is bad on the eyes.

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Dad [ ] October 24 2004 21:37
No, Foley should go too...Say what you want about leaving the cupboard bare, but there is more to the story than Steve Spurrier "leaving on his own". Bring SOS back as AD and Head Ball Coach. Vince Dooley did well as both...