November 09 2004 22:30 (+ 7 - 7 )
posted by (Stingray)

I hate seeing the ones I love in pain. Last night was not a fun night for me. It all started okay and seemed on a course that would have it end that way. It ended about 3 hours after it was supposed to.

Wednesdays are normally a drag for me anyway. It's not that I hate Bradley Class or the instructor(s). As a matter of fact, I've enjoyed classes and getting to know the instructors. However, I fade quickly, and the last 45 minutes of class are hard on me.

Last night was no exception. Our instructor--the normal "other class" instructor--is a sweet lady, just very soft spoken. She has a voice that could put a charging herd of rhinos to least, it felt that way for the last 45 minutes or so of class.

Anyway, class ended and we headed home. Mommy was planning on sleeping for the ride home, but opted to stay awake on deer watch with me. Our plan was to get home, unload, get clean, and go to bed. We were tired. That's when the fun started...well, it really wasn't any fun.

Trying to get out of the car, I hear a noise that sounded like a pain response. I thought maybe she bumped her head or stubbed her toe, but she was holding her gut when I saw her. At first, I thought it was simply an upset stomach or gas. But things seemed to rapidly deteriorate from there.

Laying on the couch didn't work. Sitting on the toilet didn't work. Laying in bed didn't work. Back on the good. A couple of calls to doctors yielded results we could work with, but no immediate relief. We're grateful they were "on call," but we're sorry we had to call them.

With each moan, my heart broke. I couldn't tell how much pain Mommy was in. I had no idea what was going on with Wags.

I wept.

This is, of course, the one draw back from living so far away from anything. Of course, if we needed an emergency room, there is one in Freeman, not too far away, I think; you never can tell with these small towns. But, if we needed any kind of OTC drugs (other than what we didn't already have), it's a 45 minute drive to Sioux Falls or an hour to Mitchell. Neither option is worth anything, in my opinion. Another option would have been to give the local grocer a call and see if we could buy something on an emergency basis...these are the kind of "small town stories" you always hear about.

To my relief, however, today was a new day...and a better day. While it seems Mommy has run a marathon and has not completely recovered, she does look a lot better today. She says she feels better, too. I just never hope to have to see it again.

She called it good practice for labor. I can't bring myself to agree. While I may have practiced my "coaching" skills, the purpose just wasn't there. This was pain--cramping pains, not birthing pains--and they never stopped. I couldn't tell her to rest between contractions for it was like she was always in contraction. The outcome of this pain--should it have been something serious--was not the birth of my child, but could have been something disasterous for either or both mother and child. Not pleasant thoughts.

Anyway, it's over. Everything is better now. Life can go on.

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