You Know...This World is Whack

November 17 2004 23:12 (+ 6 - 11 )

In an apparent attempt to boost ratings for Monday Night Football (huh?) and Desperate Housewives, ABC aired a provacative introduction to the game last Monday. Nicolette Sheridan, a seductress, appeared in the skit where she lured Eagles Wideout Terrell "Whiner" Owens to skip the game and spend the night with her. She appared to be in only a towel and drops the towel to jump into Owens' arms. While racey, nothing of her private parts was ever shown (according to reports).

Now, here's where things get interesting.

If ABC hoped to generate a little bit more buzz for Monday Night Football and "Desperate Housewives," its risqué intro to the Dallas-Philadelphia game sure did the trick. Two days after the network aired the segment featuring Eagles star receiver Terrell Owens and actress Nicollette Sheridan, coaches and players were still talking about it. Reaction ranged from amusement to anger. Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy found it racially offensive.

Racially offensive?

So what if Sheridan is white and Owens is black, I just don't get how this is making any kind of racist jab. I mean, there was a time, not so long ago that a white person dating a black person (or seen in a situation like these two) was shunned and the black person lynched. Not that I condone either person's actions in the skit, but I think the fact that we can watch it happening now, and that someone has the gall to call it racist, shows that society has come a long way in how it views interracial relationships.

I'm sorry, Coach Dungy, but if you found the MNF intro disgusting, that's fine, but that's no excuse to play the race card. I think your quote just about sums things up: "To me that's the first thing I thought of as an African-American."

Go ahead and label me a racist, but it seems the race card is always played by an "African-American" when an "African-American" is involved in something less-than-honorable. "Blame 'whitey' for it," is what this attitude says to me. You can't accept the responsibility and consequences for your own actions, neither should anyone in your own race.

Yes, I found the intro disgusting, too (by accounts of it), but not because it involved someone who was black. I found it disgusting because it commercializes and trivializes sex, a wonderful gift from God.

You know, related to this who racist BS is this objection to white performers/entertainers (or those pretending to be) appearing in blackface while, at the same time, movies like White Chicks are funny. I guess the shoe fits better on the other foot.

Okay, the day is over, and so is my rant.

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