Key Words and Phrases

November 28 2004 20:33 (+ 10 - 8 )

I guess all I need to do to attract visitors to my site these days is to use key words and phrases in my journal entries. For instance, a check of last referrers shows several searches for Nicolette Sheridan, the woman who dropped her towel for Terrell Owens in a MNF intro. All this makes me wonder how much attention I could attract for using the phrase "free sex" (don't worry, I've broken up the words with hidden html markers). Of course, that could attract the kind of attention I don't want.

It wasn't too long ago that searches for Joel Osteen resulted in my page. Because I have sermons on my site, and because I once mentioned the heretic Osteen, searches for his sermons resulted in a hit to my pages.

Now, because I used those phrases again, I expect to see more search page results in the referrers section. Eh, "business" is "business."

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