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How your baby's growing: This week, your baby measures about 16 inches long. He weighs a little over 3 pounds and is headed for a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and he's beginning to accumulate a layer of fat underneath his skin in preparation for life as a newborn. As a result, his arms, legs, and body are filling out.

How your life's changing: You may have noticed some leaking of colostrum, or "premilk," from your breasts lately. Some expectant moms experience this leaking, others don't; either way, it's perfectly normal and you can rest assured that your body is doing what it's meant to do. If you're leaking, you may want to tuck some nursing pads in your bra to protect your clothes. And if you plan to breastfeed, you might also want to pick up a nursing bra. If your current bra is too snug, go ahead and wear the nursing bra now. (When shopping, choose a nursing bra at least one cup size bigger than you need now to accommodate the swelling that will take place when your milk comes in.)

Have you noticed the muscles in your uterus tightening now and then? Some women feel these random contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions in the second half of pregnancy. Lasting from 30 to 60 seconds, they're nonrhythmic and irregular and, at this point in your pregnancy, they should be infrequent and not painful. (When you're within a few weeks of your due date, it's normal for Braxton Hicks contractions to become more frequent and even somewhat painful; in fact, they're often called "false labor" because sometimes it can be hard to tell them from the real thing.) Until 37 weeks, though, your baby is still premature. So if you're getting frequent contractions (even if they don't hurt), it may be a sign of preterm labor. Call your practitioner immediately if you have an increase or change in vaginal discharge (especially if it's watery, mucus-like, or pink or tinged with blood), abdominal pain or menstrual-like cramping, more than four contractions in an hour, an increase in pressure in the pelvic area, or low back pain, especially if you didn't have it before.

If you're having a boy, you and your partner will want to take some time to think about whether or not to have your baby circumcised. Find out what the procedure involves.

Not a whole lot to add this week. I've been really tired, and I'm finally getting somewhat of an appetite back - so that's been the biggest changes. Lots of stretching in my abdomen, too - so I'm betting on some of that growth spurt having taken place this week.

Baby's been kicking away still. From time to time s/he'll even kick for Geof (but still not too often... little stinker!)

I haven't been as faithful with my exercises since our childbirth classes ended a week and a half ago - and my back has been paying for it. So I need to get my butt in gear on those again - as well as get my water intake up again, too. It's harder for me to drink lots of water in the cooler weather - I don't feel as thirsty. But that doesn't mean I should back down now.

Other than that, I'm going to start getting the baby's clothing washed up so that we'll be ready when s/he gets here. The diapers are washed and fluffed. The ones that I've been making need to be washed - and the stack that are cut and pinned need to be finished. That will happen in time.

We cut down and put up our Christmas tree last Friday - and it's all decorated and sparkling in the living room (and freaking out the cat!). I've been saying this a lot here, but it's hard to imagine that it will be just a couple more weeks after Christmas when the baby will be here. Speaking of which - for those of you who are reading this please note that we are NOT sending out Christmas cards this year. Since Wags will be coming so soon afterward, we'll be sending out our "year in review" letter with a baby announcement/picture after the little one is here. Feel free to pass the word to others who you know usually receive cards from us. We haven't forgotten you =)

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mom(stella) [ ] November 30 2004 18:25
The yearly mailing idea was a wise decision; we'll all be waiting for the announcement. Conserve your energy for getting the baby's things ready and for getting some exercising back in your day.

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