It's Time for Some Urban Warfare

December 04 2004 00:00 (+ 7 - 7 )

Urban Meyer that is.

Said to be the most sought after coach in the country on a day when Notre Dame and Florida officials visited with him (the only day anyone has), Coach Urban Meyer is said to have accepted the job offered to him to be the University of Florida's next football coach. He is reported to have accepted this over his dream job at Notre Dame.

If the reports are true, I wish him luck in coaching my Gators. May he have the success of Spurrier, the heart, will, and desire of Zook, and the gratification of the fans. And if he doesn't have the latter, he'll have mine anyway. I may have been tough on the Zooker, but it was his time to go--in any event, I appreciated his zeal for UF, and he has my thanks for being a UF coach. Meyer will receive the same, no matter the outcome.

Welcome coach, I'm glad you're here, and GO GATORS!

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