More Gator Goodness

December 04 2004 16:34 (+ 7 - 6 )

Virginia Tech beat the University of Miami, FL 16-10 today.

And this means what for the Gators?

Well, Florida has already accepted a bid to play in the Peach Bowl on December 31. Florida defeated Florida State 20-13 last weekend. Miami of Florida beat Florida State 16-10 back in September. Miami of Florida's record is 8-3, Florida State's record is 8-3, Florida's record is 7-3. With the loss, Miami is expected to receive an invitation to play in the Peach Bowl.

Now, if Florida beats Miami, both teams records will not only be 8-4, but Florida would have defeated both schools and would out-right be the state champion. Hopefully, Florida State could lose, too, then all three schools would have identical records (and Florida still the state champs).

A state championship and the hottest coach in the country. Life would be really sweet as a Gator should that come to fruition. Of course, having the hottest coach in the country is sweet enough...

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