December 08 2004 15:30 (+ 4 - 8 )
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Things are still going well with the pregnancy. Baby's heartbeat is still about 140, and s/he kicked the Doppler while Dr. Peters was counting the beats. =) I didn't ask what I was measuring this week, and I'm up 4 pounds. Then again, I was at a different office with a different scale, so who knows.

Yesterday I finally felt like eating again - so I did. I kept taking small meals throughout the day, and I felt better. I've been throwing up a lot lately, so it was comforting to have a day where I was feeling hungry and able to keep food down.

The throwing up, we (Dr. Peters, Geof, and me) think now, is due to the same thing that has been causing that awful pain. (Sorry I haven't been mentioning it, Mom - but I didn't want you worrying when there was really nothing else we could do at that time). I've had those doubling-over pains 5 times now - 3 times in the last two weeks. Since the gall bladder problems were ruled out the last time, the doctor is figuring that the problem is a hiatal hernia. Basically, there is a gap in the diaphragm where the stomach pushes up above it (rather than staying below it where it should be). Since the baby is growing and my uterus is pushing all the organs up, the stomach is getting smooshed up and, sometimes, causing pain... similar to the pain of a heart attack. So... the bad news is there's really nothing we can do right now. Dr. Peters recommended Gaviscon liquid for the heartburn that goes along with it. But, the good news is that it should completely go away after the baby is born... and quite possibly even after the baby drops. For now, I'm just trying to be careful not to eat to the point of full and keep all other systems running well to give baby as much space as I can. At least now we know what it is and that it has a definite end in sight.

I also had her check a couple of my many moles. I've read that the hormones of pregnancy can make them change, and there were two that had changed enough for me to notice since getting pregnant. They are both still fine, too =)

So... our next appointment is back at our favorite clinic here in Salem... two weeks from this past Monday. We'll keep plugging away =)

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