Site Redesign Progress

June 24 2004 23:18 (+ 7 - 7 )

I've gone through and edited/updated all the files on the site to conform with the new look of the site. Everything has been tested in Mozilla and IE (I won't bitch and complain about IE this time), and it all looks good. If you find that files are missing or look awkward (I know about the overlapping right column in's IE not the column), please let me know. Some minor tweaks will continue here and there (mostly "menu column" stuff on sub pages).

As for other site changes...expect to see a new section to the left column in the coming days. I have plans to add a new dimension to this site soon. I even have some thoughts on adding a second, but I'll ponder that a little while longer.

Now, I can get back to my normal journal entries...what I have come to call "my ramblings."

Oh, and while you're here, be sure to check out the Linkdump block in the left column. If I should ever find an interesting site, I'll post a short something about it there. Currently, I link to a site regarding one of the biggest...ahem...morons in the universe; a crusade of one man trying to get answers from him. His name is Michael Moore, and the site is out to prove that he hates America.'s almost time for bed...

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