Christmas versus Xmas

December 21 2004 17:07 (+ 11 - 3 )

Ever wondered about the origins of the "word" Xmas? Well, to put it simply X looks an aweful lot like the Greek letter chi. Chi happens to be the first letter in the Greek word Christ. So, Xmas is shorthand for Christmas.

Well, used to be...

In these last days, people who obviously need something to be offended at have taken offense at the word Christmas (because it contains that aweful word "Christ" </sarcasm>;) have taken use of the "word" Xmas.

Of course, that's not the only way Christmas is come under attack. Others simply do not use the word at all, full or shorthand. They opt to use the word Holidays. They refuse to say "Merry Christmas," turning to the more politically correct "Happy Holidays."

All of this is a vain attempt to remove Christ from Christmas.

So, let's see where we'd be right now if there were no Christ. Now, grant me a little freedom here, but this is how things might look...

Without Christ, there would be no Christmas. There's a reason we say He's the reason for the season. The term and traditions simply wouldn't exist. December 25 would be just another day. But wait, would it be December 25?

Without Christ, there would be no Christianity. Without Christianity, there would be no Christian monks. Without Christian monks, we wouldn't have our current calendars. So, it would be safe to say there would be no December 25. This time of year would be an ordinary time. Who knows when the New Year would start, according to what calendar. It's a pretty logical assumption that during this time there would be no holidays at all. All of this simple stuff for lack of Christ.

We could go on. There would be no United States of America, at least as we currently know it, where people are free to take exception to every little thing that happens. The first, non-native settlers of this continent arrived here with the idea to practice freely their religion; all of which were Christianity. Our great country was founded on their backs; the forefathers were descendants of these religious refugees. We can debate all night long whether they were Christian or not, but the fact remains that they wouldn't be here if it weren't for Christianity, and the desire to practice it freely. And without the founding fathers, what country would we be living in right now? There's a chance that it would be similar, equal even, but there's an even greater chance it would be far different than it currently is, perhaps even worse socially, economically, racially--whatever-lly.

All of this because there was no Christ. I could get into all the spiritual ramifications of no Christ, but I'll leave that to a parousal of Scripture and some other entry.

Because all of this took place, however, those of you who take offense to Christ are free to do so without persecution. I simply ask the same in return. I'm not out forcing anyone to be Christian--I do not convert people. I invite them to listen to what I have to say about Christianity--I speak of God's Law and Gospel. Stop trying to convert me to atheism or some other false religion, it offends me. Yes, this persecution offends me, but I live with it. I live with it in the knowledge that I have every right to be offended by the next guy and his offense as he is of me because I am Christian. So, you who are offended, don't be surprised when we're offended by you.

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