January 07 2005 23:16 (+ 5 - 9 )
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Yesterday we went into the city for the breastfeeding class. It was interesting - not a whole lot that I didn't know already, but nice to at least get together with other moms and dads to be around the same stage of pregnancy. And we met a little girl who was due this coming Sunday - but was already 8 weeks old (born at 31 weeks and some change). She was a tiny 5 lbs 6 oz - up from 3lbs 1oz at birth. Made me even more thankful that Wags is staying tucked nicely inside - causing my pains and all.

Today has been a day of preparations, too.

Along with regular laundry to do, I packed Wags' diaper bag for the hospital, as well as the larger diaper bag that we'll usually use (cloth diapers take up a lot more room than disposables do). I sewed a few more things for the baby (a laundry bag that fits in the wicker basket for a hamper and a couple of pillows for the bed in the baby's room... and finished off the breast pads from the other day). Then, along with cooking dinner for tonight, I made a second batch to freeze, as well as chicken taco meat to freeze. We now have 4 different home-cooked meals ready and waiting for our return after the baby... so hopefully we can get through at least a week without having to do a lot of cooking and cleaning up. I still have a couple others that I would like to get done, but if not, we'll still be fine.

So, now all we have to do is pack our bag and we're ready to go. That, and pick a boy's middle name... I have a feeling we'll be debating that until the very end. =)

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Cindy [() ] January 11 2005 14:39
I just checked in hoping I hadn't missed the birth of your child, but you are practically on the doorstep! You are going to have the time of your life! Love to you both, Cindy HaH, guess I should mail you your baby package soon.....

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