June 26 2004 17:55 (+ 5 - 5 )
posted by (Stingray)

Well, soon the whole world will know we're pregnant. Soon, we will tell our ladies and our congregations; for now, we feel comfortable letting them know. Soon, this website will go public.

We want to tell our congregations. We owe them that much. But we agreed that telling them too soon may not be a good idea. Why? The threat of a miscarriage. It would be easier, we think, if the first thing we told them was that we WERE pregnant, but we miscarried rather than telling them first that we ARE pregnant, then having to explain to everyone that we miscarried later. While its true that the threat for miscarriage still exists, the likelihood decreases with each day such that it isn't as likely now as it was a week ago and it won't be as likely next week as it is now. So, we've set a date of July 1 to let our ladies know.

It's going to be great to let the LWML members of First English know first. They deserve it, I guess you could say. Of any group at these congregations, the First English LWML has been the most fun and interesting group to work with. So, they're the first step; the following Sunday, we tell both congregations during regular announcement times.

That leaves this web page. I'm sure a few people will know about it, but it won't officially be open until I place a link to it on my personal front page (as this is a sub page to Atlantis). Once that happen, anyone who normally visits Atlantis can visit "Wags the Journal." In the long run, I expect more people will visit "Wags" than Atlantis. Hmmm, perhaps I can direct some traffic back to Atlantis.

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