to NHL or not to NHL

February 04 2005 13:38 (+ 5 - 9 )

Finally, they're talking. It took 5 months of whispers and one-liners, but the two sides are finally sitting down and discussing things. But, I think it may be too late. There are rumors that the NHL is ready to cancel the season altogether today. Well, I have to ask, why did you wait so friggin' long to hash something out? You and the NHLPA are the manifestations of a couple of stubborn doofusses (ahem*GaryBettman*cough*cough*BobGoodenow*ahem). Thanks for caring enough for us, the fans, in order to beat more money out of each other with which to line your pockets. I hate you!

However, I do have to say bravo to Trevor Linden for initiating these talks. Good job on trying to get together and get something done. Nice idea not inviting the two baboons. But again I have to ask, "Why did you wait so long?"

Bravo, as well, to Jeremy Roenick for your class-act comments about having to give something back to the fans. Lowering ticket prices should once again make the game attractive to us who have learned that there are other things going on in winter and other activities with which to consume ourselves as there is less and less daylight per diem. It seemed as if you wanted to give the game back to the fans. However, I question you dedication to the stubborn-ness of your doofus association boss. In essence, I hear from you, "I want to give the game back to the fans as long as we get our way and get to line our pockets." Shame. Really.

Bravo to the NHL players who decided not to play in Europe or take someon else's spot in a minor league. Shame on those other players who decided money was too important to forego.

Bravo to the owners who had the balls to say they want the game back. I think there was only one. However, there may have been more who thought it. Shame on the rest of you for following your doofus of a leader.

If only the fans had an official voice, then I might try to start or join a call for the jobs of Bettman and Goodenow. They are the enemy. They are evil. I want my NHL back!

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Stingray [() (link)] February 07 2005 00:06
I just had a frightening thought. Do both sides think they have something to gain if the season is outright cancelled (and/or if the lockout goes into next season)?

Shame, shame, shame on them all!