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No change. At all. Nothing.

Still not quite 2 cm dilated, now measuring 39 cm (so baby moved down again), my blood pressure is up again (128/86) - but not as high as it was before. The baby's heart rate is still in the 140s.

The NST was stupid. Sorry - that's a really, really dumb test. I have purposely avoided an ultrasound during this pregnancy because I didn't want my child's developing tissues exposed to the u/s waves (I'll happily provide you all with links to multiple studies about this if you think I'm just a crack-head). I've reluctantly allowed the doppler heart tests each week because our office(s) don't have fetoscopes - but that's only about 30-60 seconds of exposure. I did not like the fact that I was hooked up to a doppler heart rate monitor for close to 30 minutes today. In fact, I'm quite pissed. The nurse who ran the test was an idiot who kept telling me not to worry/concentrate on the heart rate on the machine... but then told me that the heart rate had to get up to the high 150s and stay in that range for at least 15 seconds... 3 times. When it didn't, she used this buzzer to piss the kid off. When that didn't work, she had me drinking juice. She was poking at the baby. When she finally left the room for more than 2 minutes, the baby did it's thing and all was right with the world.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the NST room is also this tiny little room that doubles as the break room/storage closet - and strange nurses, doctors, and receptionists kept coming in and out while my big ol' belly and half my chest is exposed... so they could get their cheese out of the fridge or get the extra blood pressure monitor? Yeah, that happened, too.

The only good (medical) news of the day was that when the doctor was doing the internal exam, she knocked some stuff loose (sorry!). It wasn't intentional, but she did say that might get things kick started. I'm not holding my breath. In fact, I made an appointment back at the rural medical clinic for next Monday.

In other news, we got most of our final baby shopping done. I feel a lot better about that, too. We were waiting until February because Toys R Us (where we got our crib) has a baby sale now and we knew we'd get some good savings. So, we bought the crib and mattress today (got money off for buying the combo... and a free umbrella stroller), got a baby monitor, and a few more little odds and ends. The only thing we're waiting on now is for Target to put our crib bumper back online. One of our members is picking up the crib for us tomorrow after work (he works in the city) and bringing it over here... then he and his daughter are staying for dinner.

Oh, and we finally got the car seat inspection done. The good news there is the guy who does it was really nice - and Geof had the seat in and the belts threaded properly... he just gave us some pointers on how to adjust it a little tighter... and he replaced the pillow we had wedged under it with some pool noodles =) But that's good to go, too.

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Dad [ ] February 11 2005 10:57
I know what YESTERDAY's was......

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