February 11 2005 12:29 (+ 6 - 7 )
posted by (Stingray)

I think the banner above says it all.

But I'll do a little explaining.

Baby Wags says...
"My name is Robert Josef Valentine Wagner:
Robert - That's grandpa and great grandpa's name.
Josef - That's the masculine form of German great grandma's name. It's pronounced as if the J is a Y.
Valentine - That's great great grandpa and another great grandpa's name.
Wagner - That's my surname..."

Pictures are going to be posted in the next few days...

nine comments:

nikki warren [() ] February 11 2005 14:03
Congratulations to all!!! He sounds like a beautiful boy :) I know Tom sends his congratulations as well.

Kim Ryan [() ] February 11 2005 14:21
Yeah! I am so happy for you! I wish you all the best with baby Robert! Congratulations!!!:-)

Leanne [ ] February 11 2005 15:07
Way to go, Genevieve... I heard (via LiveJournal) that you went all the way w/ the natural childbirth!
And that your overall hospital experience was a good one... that's fantastic!
Congratulations to you and Geof and I can't wait to see baby Robert!

Lisa [() ] February 11 2005 15:45
YAY!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Way to go Mommy and Daddy!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait for you thre to come to Chicago!

Heather Finnegan [() ] February 11 2005 16:27
YEAH I am soooooooooo happy for all three of you! :) I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby son

Thanh [() ] February 11 2005 18:59
FINALLY! What a great blessing from God! Welcome Robert! Looking forward to the pictures...

Lonnye Sue [() ] February 11 2005 19:05
WOOHOO! You can't believe how happy we all are on LiveJournal! And we can't WAIT to see little Robert!


Karon Wolfe [() ] February 12 2005 07:46
Congratulations. Sorry we missed your call last night. If you post a picture before tomorrow morning, we can show everyone at church.

Love to you all.

Skip Wagner [() ] February 12 2005 10:59
Geoff and Gen, Congratulations! I especially like the cool middle name of Valentine. I too am named after grandpa Valentine. Skip

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