June 26 2004 18:27 (+ 8 - 6 )
posted by (gen_here)

This has been an interesting journey so far. Thankfully I had done a lot of reading before we tried to get pregnant because you name the symptom, and it's been thrown at me.

We were really blessed in that we didn't have to try very long - in fact, pregnancy happened right away for us. And just as quickly as it started, so did the tiredness and nausea. I'm very thankful that my "morning" sickness has been easily hidden for the most part, especially since we wanted to wait to tell our congregations about Wags' impending arrival. We were going to wait until the end of the first trimester, but like Geof said, we wanted to tell our ladies first, and that would mean having to wait an entire month longer. So, our congregations will find out when we're just about ten weeks along.

I just realized that's almost 25% of the pregnancy done!!!!!

I haven't been miserable by any means, and some days have been better than others. I just kind of like to find out what each day will bring to my body. We are both eagerly anticipating this little one and love him or her very much already.

I've been fascinated by the weekly "what's your baby up to these days" emails that I get from a website, so I'll post those each week as well. They usually come on Tuesdays.

So, enjoy the new site - we sure do =)

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Dad [ ] July 01 2004 21:08
You just wanted to make Andrew
an uncle like he wanted...hehehehe

Lonnye Sue [() ] July 05 2004 08:15
This is a great idea, Genevieve! Leave nothing out; there'll come a day when you won't believe some of the stuff that happens!

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