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February 17 2005 08:23 (+ 13 - 13 )

I'm pissed!

I am so frustrated at a man named Gary Bettman. His highest priority...his job description is to uphold and keep alive the NHL; to support it and grow the sport. Instead, he killed it.

He cancelled the 2004-2005 season outright yesterday. I don't know what good he thinks this will do. I am so angry at him.

R.I.P. NHL 2004-2005

He's a typical lawyer, too. He gave his press conference yesterday and was asked what responsibilty he and the owners take in the lockout and cancellation. "My biggest regret is that we couldn't get the union to look...we couldn't get the union to do." Shirk! What a huge shift of blame. What a liar he is, too! He remarked that the union wouldn't make an offer. The union's offer was the last one on the table!

The more I think about this, the more I cannot blame the owners or the players. They seem to be along for the ride more than anything (case in point, the majority of players were surprised that "they" were offering the league the 24% rollback in salaries, later they were surprised that "they" had endorsed a salary cap). Gary Bettman works for the NHL Board of Governors, not the owners as a whole. Bob Goodenow works for the union...he answers to the player agents. The owners and players wanted to play hockey; Bettman, Goodenow, the BOG, and the agents wanted to kill it. Yeah, real hockey fans there, guys. You disgust me!

You guys need to grow up, talk more, get things worked out. Quit blaming the other guy. Own up to your own responsibility. If you truly are the fans of hockey you claim to be and can't work out a deal, get some help so that you can do it. Otherwise, you run the risk of living the rest of your lives labeled 'idiots.'

I'm tired of your bickering...I want to see my Lightning defend their cup and my Flames defend their Western Conference Championship. At this point, I don't know if I'll ever see either team play again. You claim, no contraction, we'll have all 30 teams. We'll your job was to keep hockey alive and you've killed it. You're a liar, Gary Bettman. I can't trust you. I fear that your promise of no contraction is a lie, too. And there's nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

So, go ahead and give your press conferences. Hold your head up high in your holier-than-thou attitude. Shake your head as you answer questions because you're right and everyone else is wrong and can kiss your butt. These lips will never come near you except to give you a piece of my mind should I ever see you

Oh, and Bob, you're not off the hook, either. Don't begin to tell me you've done all you could. You bickered with Bettman just as much as he bickered with you. You could have begun talking with the league a lot sooner. If you really cared for hockey as much as you claim, you would have tried to save the game--to work with its "savior," Gary Bettman--as soon and as quickly as possible. Instead, you both sat on your behinds waiting. Labor disputes are never solved with seiges, and you've proven that very clearly.

I'm one angry fan. I'll point the finger, because I can, and I point to you two. You are dispicable. You are deplorable. You are a desolation. You are evil. You should be banned from this game you claim to love, the coolest game on earth.

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