February 18 2005 00:05 (+ 2 - 6 )
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I'm sitting here on the couch, typing on the laptop with one hand and holding a sleeping Robert with the other. Granted, I'm a lot more "with it" than I was 7 days ago at this time, but I'm no less in awe of this little miracle.

In the last week, we've learned that "Stinker" hates diaper changes, he looks really tiny in the crib (he's not sleeping there yet). He sleeps relatively okay in the cosleeper, but he'll sleep in 3-4 hour stretches next to me on the bed. Robert loves hanging out on Geof's chest, he'll tolerate the bouncy chair in the bathroom when I have to wash out his diaper covers or use the facilities, and he seems to prefer the cloth prefold diapers over the disposables we were using for the first few days (the screaming stops sooner).

He also has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around his (tiny and extremely cute) little finger.

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valencia [() ] February 18 2005 12:36
i feel like i could nibble his little fingers....hehehe
i am glad you have ti together ...relatively so soon...i didnt feel like that till alex was like....3....years! hehehe
take care and enjoy the wonderful and amazing time!!!

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