Am I a Racist?

June 26 2004 21:49 (+ 7 - 8 )

We had an interesting conversation at dinner today. My wife called me a racist. I want to know what you think.

I like white things more than dark, brown, black, etc. things. Now, I don't dislike those dark, brown, black, etc. things. I just like the white things more. You see, I prefer white rice to brown rice, white milk to chocolate milk, white chocolate to any other kind, angel food cake over devils food cake, and vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream. Do I not like all those other things? I do like them, I just like the other stuff more.

So, does that make me a racist?

two comments:

mom(stella) [() ] June 27 2004 08:25
She must have been joking!

Wifey [ ] June 27 2004 13:23
I was joking...

But I still think you're a food racist =)