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March 20 2005 17:07 (+ 18 - 13 )

I can't get to my page

I can get to pages in directories below my page, like Wags the Journal and Skin Mobile, but I can't get to my page.

I can post entries to my blog, but I can't get to my page.

What gives?

two comments:

Stingray [() (link)] March 21 2005 12:11
Well, I discovered that for some reason I can't figure out yet, the random quotes were timing out the site. I'll try and figure out what went wrong, but for now, I've disabled them--and the site works.

Stingray [() (link)] March 21 2005 12:28
Okay...instead of using the php include command, I put the php code for the random quote in the header file and now it all works.

Strange how it decided over the weekend not to work like it had all the time before. I'm beginning to wonder if freeshell initiated php strict or something.