March 27 2005 19:24 (+ 3 - 7 )
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Today was the first time Robert went to both services. This will not be a regular practice, but most likely for special occasions like Christmas and Easter... as long as he's up to it. He even had a new, cute little outfit to wear to church today. We took some pictures as soon as we put him in it this morning... and right before he spit up all over the quilt in his crib. We're not dumb... if we want a photo of him in something, it has to happen within the first 5 minutes!

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Four days ago, Robert started cooing. It's so cute! He'll get into "conversations" with you now... granted, neither party has any idea what the other is saying, but it's fun. He will also smile now for reasons other than a "happy bowel" - so that's been cute, too. And he smiles a lot =)

Today we found out that his tear ducts are starting to open, too. Babies are born with their tear ducts "sealed" for lack of a better term. Unfortunately, he was an unhappy baby during a diaper change and wanted to eat RIGHT NOW - so Geof got to see some little tears along with the loud, ear piercing screeches he has mastered! I think he's going through another growth spurt (it's about that time) since later on this afternoon he was sucking on his arm so much that he left some "hickeys." Unfortunately I couldn't feed him at that exact second because I was cooking our dinner right then.

But he's doing great - and we love him more and more each day if that's even possible.

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Kim [() ] March 28 2005 12:45
Before you fall over, yes, I am finally delurking to leave you a comment. I just have to say that yes, it is possible to love our children more and more each day! Enjoy every day with him....they grow up way too fast!

P.S. He's got to be one of the cutest babies I've seen (you know, besides mine! :-))

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