Yet Another Reason to NOT use IE

June 26 2004 22:36 (+ 10 - 4 )

I found this interesting little news article on Fox News. It speaks of an internet virus called "Scob" that was planted on the web, impersonating (if you will) popular web sites, and can cause major damage not only to your computer, but also your very identity (identity theft). Anyway, I'll quote the relevant parts...

Though the impact of the "Scob" outbreak (search) was mild compared with recent infections like "Sasser" and "Blaster," security experts worried about its method of delivery.
With Scob, virus writers have discovered yet another way beyond e-mail and network techniques of distributing malicious code.
The infection, first discovered by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) on Thursday, appears to take advantage of three separate flaws with Microsoft products and can be difficult to detect.
Stephen Toulouse, a security program manager at Microsoft, said software updates to fix two of them had been released in April, but the third flaw was newly discovered and had no patch available yet.
He recommended that computer owners obtain the latest security updates for Microsoft products and their anti-virus and firewall programs. For the flaw that lacks a patch, he said, users should also turn up security settings on Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers to the highest levels.
Users could also turn off JavaScript (search) on their Microsoft browsers, though doing so could cripple functions on some sites.
The virus does not affect Apple Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer, nor does it spread through non-Microsoft browsers like Mozilla (search), Netscape Navigator and Opera.
The emphasis added was mine.

Anyway, stop using IE and get a better browser. To my parents (all three of them), call me, and I can walk you through downloading, installing, and setting up the browser. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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