March 30 2005 08:20 (+ 4 - 5 )
posted by (Stingray)

One of Robert's namesakes passed away Sunday night/Monday morning (we're not sure). Josefa Uibelhör died in her Lord's arms after a long bout with Parkinson's disease.

I will remember her as a loving and giving grandmother. She was a woman with deep affection for her family, hearty admiration for my mother's American husband (my father--still her husband), and a quick and witty humor. Any meal time at their place was an occasion in which she gave her all to prepare a meal fit for a king, and only we lonely paupers were the guests.

Tschuess, Oma, treffen wir wieder, wenn der Rest von uns Gott in unserem eigenen Fleisch mit unseren eigenen Augen sehen. Rest in Frieden.

I will tell Robert how much she was loved by me and his aunt and uncle.

We rejoice that her suffering has ended, that the disease no longer is taking its toll, that she awaits the resurrection of the dead when she will rise to life in a restored body. Christ is risen!

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