April 01 2005 11:01 (+ 9 - 2 )
posted by (Stingray)

Nothing could have prepared us for this. We've had to make the hardest decision of our lives today.

Remlinger-NoonaningersMeet the Remlinger-Noonaningers. He is Justinian, and she is Cassandra. They are holding their new son, Robert Josef Valentine Remlinger-Noonaninger.

Yes, you've guessed it. We've sold our son. We got a good price for him, too. Officially, we'll call it an adoption (you know, so we can be legal and all that). We're grateful that the Remlinger-Noonaningers have decided to keep the name. Now, he really has a name that just rolls off the tongue: Robert Josef Valentine Remlinger-Noonaninger.

It was a difficult choice to make, but we think it was the right one. Being a parent is way difficult...we're just not cut out for it. However, with the money we've made, we can travel the world and see all the sites...for a whole year. So, we'll be planning our trip in the coming days.

Anyway, we hope you have a wonderful life, Robert with your new mommy and daddy, Cassandra and Justinian.

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Stingray [() (link)] April 01 2005 23:52
As you have no doubt already guessed, especially if you looked at your calendars, this is an April Fools. We still have Robert and most definitely want to keep him.

Those are not the Remlinger-Noonaningers (what a name, huh?). They're good friends of ours and, in fact, they are Robert's Godparents.

Good night!

Heather Finnegan [() ] April 04 2005 16:51
You guys are too silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I know better-especially since I know y'all.

Jenn [() (link)] April 09 2005 22:38
Oops, I think I posted a blank comment! Tee Hee. Anyway, I just read this post and it cracked me up. I was totally confused. I knew that was Ally (sp?) and Paul. I didn't remember their name being so long, but I figured, hey, what do I know. :) Anyway, glad you decided to keep him. He's a keeper.

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