April 16 2005 23:33 (+ 6 - 6 )
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Robert has been sleeping a lot lately. I probably shouldn't complain, but it kind of freaks me out. Like, today...

We were up at 7, Geof changed him so I could sleep a little longer. He woke up mad after he was changed, so I nursed him back to sleep while Geof showered and then he held him (I thought) until I was done so I could give him a bath. When I was done, I went to get him and he had fallen back to sleep - so Geof had him sleeping on our bed. So I dumped out his tub and got myself ready for the day. I got him up just before 9:30 to change him to leave, and he was groggy the whole time. We were on the road by 9:45 and he was back asleep. We got to the city (Geof was taping a sermon for the shut-in TV program here) at about 10:30. I woke him to carry him in and he was groggy... but perked up for about 30-45 minutes. He got hungry, so I nursed him and he fell asleep again. When Geof was done, I gave Robert to him - he slept through the transfer (which he usually doesn't). He slept all the way home - about 1:00.

He was awake through lunch - he got fussy around 1:45 so I fed him... and he fell asleep. About 2:30 he woke up, so I changed him again and gave him a bath. After the bath, we played "cover baby with towel, watch him kick it off, repeat" for about 15 minutes. It's about 3:30-3:45 by now... he gets cranky, so I nurse him to sleep. He was on our bed without a diaper (on what I call his "puddle pad") - diaper under him and towel over him. He decided to sleep nurse this time and I let him because he hadn't really eaten much today as far as length of feedings. I fell asleep around 4:15, woke up to a phone call around 4:45 - he's still sleeping/nursing. So I let him sleep but "broke free" and stayed in there talking to my friend until 6.

I left him sleeping until he woke up about 6:15 (screaming because he was alone). I put him in a diaper and brought him into the living room. He ate about 7, went to sleep about 7:30, woke up about 8:45, ate at 9, fell asleep about 9:15, and he's still sleeping. I just swabbed a big ol' snot out of his nose and he woke up peacefully but really alert (11:15). He started making out with his arm and head banging my chest, so he's eating... with his eyes closed. The thing is, he'll probably sleep all night.

I know that babies at this age sleep up to 18 hours a day... but normally he doesn't (he's out again... it's 11:26). If this is another growth spurt, it HAS to be over by Wednesday night. We have a 10-12 hour car ride in store that evening... and he has to be in a car seat... not on me.

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