April 19 2005 01:11 (+ 5 - 9 )
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Robert got a "perfect" bill of health from the doctor (and a 3rd year med student) today.

He kind of scrunched himself up during measuring, so they recorded him as 22" from 21" at birth and 21.25" at 18 days (dropping him from 90th percentile to 5th in 7 weeks). I even had the doctor/student re-measure him, but they left his cloth diaper on so he couldn't stretch out his legs all the way and they got 22.75" Geof and I measured between 23.75-24" tonight. That made more sense since he had outgrown, lengthwise, most of his 0-3 month clothes.

But the biggest surprise though was his weight.
9# 3 oz at birth
8# 13 oz at discharge
10# exactly at 18 days
13# 6 oz at 9.5 weeks!!!! And this weight was totally naked and after having spit up his last meal!!!

The doctor commented on how well he was holding his head up (we had him "sitting" up when she came in the room). And he's super fussy tonight... we saw that is because he has these two "bumps" in the front of his lower gums. Why is he growing so fast? I'm not saying that as a typical "they grow up so fast" kind of comment. But these things aren't supposed to happen for a few months yet - I don't want to lose the baby stage so soon.

Here's a completely un-doctored photo from tonight... Geof is holding him at his butt/hips - he's sitting up entirely on his own.
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And here's a picture of the two men dressed alike. I also was wearing a red shirt and jeans, but Robert took the opportunity to spit up all over me right before his appointment this afternoon... so I was changed by that point.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Jess [ ] April 19 2005 20:12
Very cute! More pictures please!

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