Site Updates

June 27 2004 14:04 (+ 5 - 6 )

There are two changes to announced to Atlantis.

First, I have created an 'IE Friendly' version of the page. That now makes three different versions--a standard version, viewable in all browsers except IE and Mobile, a Mobile version for PocketPC and web-enabled phones, and an IE Friendly version for those of you who insist on using Internet Explorer. There is no different site to bookmark or anything. Depending on what type of browser you're using, when you go to the correct version will load automatically. Now, the change that this involves for IE users is that the number of columns on the main page drops to two with links to all the usual stuff in the "header" (the part at the top of the page where the site logo is). So, in the "header" you'll see the links to the photographs, lexicon, my story, etc., as well as to the Sermon, Poetry, and Hymn archives. In the two columns you have the standard journal in the wide column (which changes size depending on the browser window size), and miscellaneous information in the left, narrower column (such as the calendar, search, copyright information, etc.).

That brings us to the second change. I mentioned it earlier this post. It's the change I had mentioned in an earlier post, as well. I have added a hymn archives. What is the hymn archives? Well, just like the sermon and poem archives, it is a collection of hymns that I have written. This includes the ability to listen to the tunes to which the hymns are set as well as some other background information on the hymns. IE users will see a link to it in the 'header.' Other browsers will find the archives listed in the left column.

As with any such upgrade, if something is out of place or missing altogether, let me know. I hope you enjoy the site!

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