July 24 2005 13:31 (+ 7 - 5 )
posted by (gen_here)

Robert finally rolled over from back to belly. He's been going from belly to back for a few months, but was just lazy the other way, I guess. I even caught it on video because I was taping him being a spaz and then he just rolled over.

He's also learning this little song we play with him.

It's funny - November 8th was such a weird day last year. That was when I had the glucose test, then we went to Saturn to get some car work done and I was so tired (from crashing from all that sugar) - and out of that sleepy state came this song. Then that night was the first of the REALLY BAD attacks that we now know were gallbladder (but I thought were food poisoning or somehow related to the glucose test).

Anyway, the song... We point to each part as we sing it...

Nose, nose, chin
Nose, nose, chin
Nose, nose, nose, nose, nose, nose, chin

But it was recently changed so that the long line above is:
Cheek, Cheek, eye, eye, nose, nose, chin

As soon as we sing "cheek cheek" he closes his eyes now (we touch his brow or eyelashes when we sing eye, eye)

He's (usually) so much fun!

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