July 27 2005 23:04 (+ 5 - 7 )
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I don't know why I'm still worried about this - it seems to be going away - but I keep worrying about him. He gets a hive every now and then and it quickly goes away. This afternoon he all of a sudden got about 10ish scattered all over his torso and arm. I washed him, and me, and changed all my clothes - they went away.

Then we put him in the exersaucer while we ate - as we always do - and when Geof handed him to me (I'm having back problems right now so Geof is doing my lifting, poor guy), Robert felt "funny." I took a good look at his belly and almost threw up from fear.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's gone down a ton now - it's not this red and a lot less bumpy - but I'm still worried. His breathing is fine, he was a smiley, happy boy when I saw it. He's sleeping on Geof's lap in the office right now. I just have a feeling that I'm not going to sleep well tonight because I'm going to be checking him constantly. I'm going to be calling the doctor tomorrow.

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Busia [() ] July 28 2005 07:23
A trip to the doctor's office before you go anywhere will probably put your mind at ease.
Robert's obviosly been in contact with something (while he's fully clothed) when you were away from home yesterday morning.

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