September 05 2005 13:51 (+ 4 - 7 )
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Robert has been scooting all over the place these days. Today Geof has him in his bright orange/yellow (think caution, children at play sign) overalls that were given to us as a gift and he's adorable... and very easy to find =)

Robert somehow picked up on waving. He did it a few weeks ago and we didn't know if it was just a coincidence, but then lately if you wave at him, he'll wave back. Sometimes, even both arms get into the action!

He found a terry cloth wash cloth that I had been crocheting and has been having fun tearing it apart. That's fine - it was too wide and I didn't have the heart to do it... he's taking care of that for me.

We got some new pots this weekend - as our old ones were losing their teflon and no longer safe to cook in (yeah, 2 years was not the life expectancy we had for them either). Robert has been enjoying banging on the box that they came in and taking the cardboard inserts with him throughout the living room.

Yesterday and and Daddy were having a bounce-a-thon... Geof on the floor and Robert in the exersaucer. He was laughing and laughing while I was in the kitchen. He also thinks the work "box" is hilarious right now.

Speaking of box - he LOVES his Pooh-in-the-box from Leanne. I decided to see if he was okay with it yesterday while he was in the crib after a diaper change. He hold the lid down and lets it open just a little bit - then scares himself when he lets go and Pooh jumps up! Then he tries to close the top to start it again. He even likes to try to crank the handle - but usually in the opposite direction than how it needs to go.

We took a break from solids after the sweet potatoe post. When we tried them the next day we were noticing that he was pushing the food out of his mouth with his tongue - then opening his mouth for more. His tongue-thrust reflex is still really strong, and that should be gone (or almost) before solids are introduced. So we're waiting until the big 7 months mark and we'll try again.

He's been having fun playing with Geof's old wooden train set - well, crawling across the tracks at least =)

And he's now getting himself up on hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Real crawling is just days away. He has pulled himself to standing from sitting now twice without assistance (three if you count when he was holding my hands at the doctor's office). He gets such a look of fear and glee at the same time when it happens.

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