Interesting and Confusing

June 28 2004 21:06 (+ 2 - 11 )

It seems, somehow, Atlantis was listed at a pornography review website. I don't know what I have here that makes them think I have any kind of pornography or access to it. All the file names are innocent (as far as I can tell).

How do I know I'm listed on one. Well, I can look at the last referrers and see. Referrers are links to site that have a link to my site on their page. More than that, someone visiting their site clicked on the link to my page and visited here. When that happens, the other page refers their visitors to my page. Atlantis just happens to be listed as a resource for pornographic content.

Imagine my shock when I see that there and visit their site...WHOOPS! I have sent them an email asking to be removed; one for my disapproval of being associated with such a site, two for my site having nothing to do with what I am listed for.

Hopefully I've also fixed a file on my site so that the site that was a referrer is no longer...

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