September 10 2005 13:47 (+ 5 - 4 )
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I weighed and measured Robert this morning. He's 27.75" and about 20 pounds. If you're comparing stats to last month's post... don't. I wrote down what their adult scale said (17 pounds), but ours said 18.5... so he has gained about 1.5 pounds. We'll try sweet potatoes again tonight =)

Milk talk in the "more" - feel free to skip if you're not interested.

I rented an electric pump today. I recently found out that my thyroid is out of whack again (I had problems in college), and I'll be seeing an endocrinologist at the end of this month. In the event that he persuades me that medication is necessary (I'm not quite sure), my milk supply may take a hit while we're figuring out the proper dosage. So I'm building a freezer supply again, and pumping while still feeding Robert should convince my body to pick up supply now. So far, so good. The electric worked so much better in the amount of time that I used it than my manual ever has. If it continues to impress me, I'll purchase a Medela Pump-In-Style (I'm renting the Medela lactina, a hospital grade pump).

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Jenn [() (link)] September 12 2005 15:56
Ahhhh. I glad the pump works well for you. Happy pumping.

Heather [() ] September 17 2005 22:37
I love the pump-in-style!!!!!!!!!!!! I get about 6 ounces (which is what he is eating) with every use. I get more in the morning after the long "abstinence" during the night. I ususally pump about an hour after he eats and still get 7-8 ounces out. I'm still regulating my body to match the work and feeding demand. I think I have figured it out though. I have about 15 six ounce bags in the frezzer. I like the Lansinoh bags best. The gerber ones are okay also. I send those to the sitter along with a "disposible" bottle holder. This way I only have to wash nipples and rings at night. Takes us less space in the diaper bag. The sitter just defrosts one and pops the whole bag in the bottle. Simplicity.

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