September 12 2005 13:09 (+ 4 - 6 )
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Robert has a big ol' goose-egg on his forehead. I have this little upholstered flip-top footstool from Wal-Mart that I store my coloring books and crayons in, and Robert has loved it since he was about 2 months old. When he was a little shorter, he would use it to brace himself while he stood (with my legs on either side of him). Now he likes to try to pull up on it every now and then and scratch the upholstery.

Last night while he was scooting around and getting up to crawling position, he tried to get up right at the corner of the footstool. He tumbled down and cried, but we figured it was just his frustration from not being able to go forward on his hands and knees (he has these little teary outbursts a lot these days). But when I was nursing him down last night, I noticed 5 little red stripes on his forehead. I thought it was from the couch when he was laying next to Geof, but you could tell that it was "Indian burn" looking - like broken under the skin but okay on top.

This morning, there's a lump under those stripes... and I figured out that it must have been from when he landed on the corner of the footstool. It's kind of angry looking, but thankfully it doesn't seem to bother him.

On another note, we have the corner of an upper tooth broken through as of yesterday. However, this is the exact same thing that I saw on his lower gums the Friday before Fathers' Day and then it was sucked back in. So I'm not declaring that he has a tooth coming in until I see more of it. Plus, don't babies usually break bottom teeth first?

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