September 30 2005 18:26 (+ 6 - 4 )
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I admit - ever since I've even thought about having kids, I've always wanted to have a baby dressed as a pea pod for Halloween. Unfortunately, the only costumes that are available for my green vegitation dreams are for newborns... in fact, the one I saw at Wal-Mart was for up to 18" or 7 lbs - so Robert couldn't even have worn it if he'd been born on October 31st.

So, I've been pondering what I could dress him up as this year. Granted, we're not going to take him out trick-or-treeting. If anything, we'll take him next door to our sweet little neighbors. Heck, he's not eating veggies well... I'm sure not going to pump him full of refined sugars! And since he's just about crawling now, I have to think he'll be crawling by Halloween - and a puppy crawling around... melt!

While we were out shopping yesterday, I found a cute costume at Wal-Mart for a puppy. Shaggy, soft, easy on and off... plus the head makes him giggle =) So, we got it - the price was right at under $10. But when I ran in to Target later that day, I saw a pumpkin costume (the last time we were there they didn't have costumes for kids under 2 years). The "costume" is really a soft, velour-like footed sleeper with a jack-o-lantern on the tummy, and it comes with a matching hat that looks like the top you cut off a pumpking when you carve it. My thought was, after Halloween, he could still use it as a sleeper. It was, also, $10.

So now - we have two costumes. I need to decide what to keep and what to return. My practical side says to keep the pumpkin because it's more, well, practical in that it can be worn again and again. Geof told me to not let that be my big deciding factor, though.

Maybe he should just be Luther. He has the round bald spot on the back of his head wher his hair is sprouting from his head...

So - you get you chance to vote! Check out the new poll to the left!

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Kim [() ] October 04 2005 12:08
Too bad I didn't know you wanted a peapod costume....Mark was a peapod for his first Halloween. I think I still have it, and it's 6-9 months, too!!!!

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