June 28 2004 21:33 (+ 9 - 4 )
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Today was a momentous day...

... I bought my first maternity clothes =) I'm not showing yet, but my middle is often somewhat distended with bloating by the end of the night. My clothes fit "just okay" in the morning, but by early evening my pants and shorts had to be unbuttoned to allow silly things like breathing =)

Now I'm not a typical female - I am so not a big fan of shopping - especially clothes shopping. It's hard enough to find decent plus size clothes to begin with, but go ahead and try and find them in maternity, too. I started looking a little bit last week in the city for button up tops - tops that can be used now since "the girls" are large and in charge. But it's literally impossible to find maternity clothes any larger than an XL (about a 16) in any "mainstream" store... K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart.

I had been debating whether or not to get maternity clothes yet or just go a size up in my jeans for the time being. Melanie, one of my friends, suggested that I go ahead and get the maternity pants because I'll be more comfortable and they'll be reusable for any future pregnancies as well. So we went looking at Once Upon A Child - a resale store for all things baby and child. A few of my friends in different parts of the country have mentioned the stores they've gone to, and I know at least one of them said they had maternity clothes there... but ours didn't. So we went to the mall and started at Sears. Again, nothing bigger than XL. I was starting to get a little fed up, but I knew there were a few other stores I could try in the mall. The first one I tried was Lane Bryant - they have plenty of clothes (even stylish ones!) for us fat ladies - but they don't carry maternity clothes. The ladies there were really nice, though. They suggested Motherhood Maternity a few stores down.

I had been in Motherhood about a month earlier when "the girls" first decided bigger was better, and I was a little discouraged at that time that a store with pretty decent prices seemed to only have clothes up to - you guessed it - XL. I was getting frustrated and finally asked the girl if they had any clothes over XL. I knew their website did, but I wanted to try and find something to try on before ordering blindly. THEY DID!!!! They had a small section in the back with plus size maternity clothes - and a decent selection, too! I was able to find a pair of jeans, khakis and shorts, as well as a plain white blouse with some room to grow. The prices were pretty good, too - a little more than my typical Wal-Mart budget, but not overly bad.

So I'm really happy. It was so nice when I put the first pair of jeans on to try and I could actually take a good, deep breath for one - with all my clothes on =)

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Dad [ ] July 01 2004 21:06
Hooray fo r the Mommy to be.....

Melanie [() (link)] July 01 2004 23:38
I feel so famous now!!!

Lonnye Sue [() ] July 05 2004 08:12
This is too exciting!

Jenn [ (link)] July 12 2004 17:30
Yeah for you! Isn't it exciting? I can't believe how fast this is all going.....

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