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I often feel bad for not updating Robert's paper baby book. I need to get that done, but I should stop beating myself up... I *DO* have this site to work with!

We really weren't planning on taking him for this appointment. Really, they were amounting to pay $20 to weigh and measure him. We can do that at home for free. However, a few months ago I started having thyroid issues (quick biology lesson - thyroid controls hormones, including those that produce breastmilk. Not enough thyroid hormone can make breastmilk production difficult) and I was concerned that Robert might not be gaining enough weight. His weight - according to the post office scale - was staying about the same for the last 2 months and I just wanted to talk over some concerns with the doctor.

We had a great visit. Robert had a rough night last night - nothing could console him and he screamed himself to sleep (at least 20 minutes) in my arms last night. I was worried that he would be in a foul mood today after that, but he was great. Once he got stripped down to just his diaper - and naked at some points of the exam - he was just smiley and happy and talkative as could be.

Nurse Kathy apologized to us about last visit's scale mishaps. She said that after we left she weighed a book elsewhere as being 12 pounds and then messed with the baby scale until it said the book was 12 pounds, too. I admitted that I brought him to the post office this morning just to be on the safe side. I told her about my weight concerns. She weighed and measured him and showed me how he was "curving" on his growth chart just fine. He was born well above the median line for baby weight, at his last appointment he was barely above the 50th percentile, and now he's just below it. He's right on the 50th percentile still for length - growing 2 inches from his last appointment.

We met with a PA student first who checked out his ears and eyes and heart rate, as well as checking to make sure his testicles were descended. We were complimented on how perfect his skin looks (anyone who has seen him in person know this is a long time coming between his baby acne, eczema and allergic rashes/hives), and he was flirting - as usual. She had a hard time getting him to lie still to check his ears (his ear drums are fine - just waxy ear canals which we knew). We even found out that her daughter, Sophie, was born on the same day as Robert at the other hospital in Sioux Falls. She was really nice - best student we've had yet. She even joked that she was worried about her daughter now since she's not as talkative and she's not pulling up/cruising like Robert is now.

Dr. Peters and the PA came back in after a short time, and Dr. Peters noted that his lungs are very well developed (he was "singing" at the top of his lungs while we were alone in the room). She said that Christine (the PA) said she would be visiting with a perfect baby. We talked about his eating - she said he's on a fine schedule now and that we don't have to worry about rushing things to get him on more "solid" solids. Christine said they usually do a hemoglobin test at the 9 month appointment, but Dr. Peters (knowing that we're not much on the invasive testing) said she could tell by looking at him that he's healthy. I seconded that he's not lethargic (not by a long shot!), and he doesn't have the dark circles under his eyes that would be a sign of anemia. I also noted that the iron in breastmilk is more readily available to him (about 75-80%) than that of any solids or iron supplements/formula (under 10%), and she agreed. I really like that she will listen to my concerns and not treat me like I'm some dolt who crawled out from under a rock. That whole office is great about discussing things rather than dictating them. She said the next recommended appointment is at 15 months, and we are more than welcome to call the office if we have any questions before then.

So, his stats this time:
19 lbs 4 oz
28 inches long.
heart rate 117 (?)

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Brandi [() ] November 07 2005 22:20
I'm glad he is doing great. As long as he is healthy and growing a little bit he should be fine. Atleast he is not overweight like a lot of kids now days. I'm happy that he is a happy healthy baby boy. Just think he will be a year old in 3 months and 3 days from now. Give him a kiss from (sometime in the next few years) Aunt Brandi.

Heather Finnegan [() ] November 07 2005 23:11
Don't beat yourself up about the baby book. I have a "first-year" calendar that I write everything in. When I have a moment (or more like not wanting to do something else) I transfer info to the paper ones. Yes, he has 3!!!!!!!!!!! I did save one (he would have had four) for the next child. Crazy. Patrick was at the doctor today with a fever (just a virus) and he has grown 3/4 of an inch in the last 2 weeks putting him up to 25 inches. It amazes me how fast they grow.

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