December 30 2005 13:18 (+ 6 - 8 )
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Every night, I nurse Robert to sleep, Geof takes him to the crib, and Robert sleeps. Usually he's down for the night between 10-11, and he wakes up (I have the baby monitor on) between 4-6. Then, I take my thyroid pill and go to his room, get him out of the crib, and lay down with him on the bed in his room. He'll usually nurse back to sleep and will let me sleep until about 9 - give or take.

The last sentence didn't happen last night.

He did the normal sleep until 6 (6:10 actually). But when we were snuggling/nursing on the bed, every 30 seconds or so he would start coughing. The first time or so I though he was just tired and milk was going down the wrong pipe, but when he kept it up I was a little worried. So I sat up with him and nursed him a little more upright. Didn't really help. He finally fell asleep from exhaustion - he had been whimpering each time it happened - after a good 40 minutes. I put him up on my shoulder and just pat his back for awhile. I tried to find the Vicks baby rub - but I didn't want to turn the room lights on. So I took him out into the living room with me (and of course the stupid cat woke him up as soon as I opened his door by howling) and got us set up in the green chair. He fell asleep relatively soon, and once I knew he was out for awhile I fell asleep, too.

Geof came out about 9 and saw me sleeping in the green chair with Robert. He thought maybe Robert had a fussy night, but I told him what happened. Robert woke up for good about 10, and Geof took him and changed his diaper while I went to the bathroom and got Robert's breakfast ready. We're still looking for the Vicks (I'm pretty sure it's in the diaper bag, just have to dump the thing out) and we're going to put Robert in the swing in the bathroom for our respective showers to see if that helps his little bit of congestion at all. Otherwise he seems to be in good spirits and has been crawling around the living room all morning playing with his toys and his appetite is still good.

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