December 30 2005 17:48 (+ 7 - 5 )
posted by (gen_here)

That tooth that peeked through on Christmas Day went back in (3 of his 4 teeth did this!). But today the second top front tooth broke through. He has already taken this as an opportunity to try and bite my chin, cheek, finger, and big toe.

He has also been figuring out different buttons on things (specifically his incrediblock and the crib aquarium). It's fun to see him finally getting the hang of things after showing him what they do - this is a new thing. He also has completely let go of whatever he is holding on to for about a second a few times today. As soon as he lets go he starts waving his arms around wildly to try and keep his balance. It's really funny - he's getting a little braver every day!

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oma [() ] December 31 2005 07:07
I just know he will take off flying one of those times when flailing those arms!
Being his father's son, he'll make motornoises taking off, too !
How you must enjoy him!
Love you all .... Oma.....Mom

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