January 15 2006 21:26 (+ 7 - 2 )
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Robert is so funny! He has been getting really excited about eating our food - not the mush. We give him little bits of what we're eating (if it's safe... no popcorn or hot dogs yet), and he goes NUTS! Today he was "baby birding' for more before he even swallowed what was in his mouth! Trying to remember what he has had so far... chicken from chicken tacos, bbq pork, bagel, soft carrots, Christmas ham, noodles (doesn't care for them so much), steak fajita meat, red sauce with a TON of garlic (LOVED it!), little bits of cheddar and parmesan cheese, buttered ham sandwich (a South Dakota treat), raw carrot salad, and he getting so much better at drinking water from a real cup if we help him - he's still not so great with a sippy cup (but he likes chewing on it and throwing it!). I'm sure there are more things he has tried, too... I'll add them as I think of them.

But he has *such* a weird eating pattern. One day, he will eat like he's going to hibernate - bring on the food and keep it coming. Then the next day you'll be lucky if you can get him to eat a couple ounces of food at all. Back to the feast; back to the hunger strike. Friday, he ate ALL DAY LONG... rice cereal with fruit like usual for breakfast, the rest of the fruit jar, cheerios/puffs, a jar of ham/apples for dinner (he really likes pork products!) and he was still "birding" for more... so I made up some whole mixed grains cereal with peaches for him and he cleaned that out for Geof, too! So we put him in the exersaucer to go nuts with a teething biscuit (because they're soooo messy). After Geof and I had our dinner, Robert was dancing and bouncing. I was bouncing him a little to hard, I guess, and up came some dinner. But then he started acting all hungry again, so I re-made the cereal with peaches and he ate it again.

Then yesterday... nothing. Didn't want his morning cereal, ate less than half a jar of food for dinner and half a teething biscuit. Today, though... rice cereal with strawberry applesauce (don't worry - not the sugary stuff... just apples and strawberries) - about a 1/3 of the jar and the last 1/3 after that (the first 1/3 was mixed in yesterday's cereal). He ate a good handful of cheerios during church, then nursed for awhile after church when he fell and hurt himself. When Geof and I went to dinner, he ate part of the chicken from our appetizer, he chewed on and got bits of the celery sticks (I kept taking them away and cutting off the broken ends so he wouldn't choke on big pieces or the strings). He even ate part of my fajita meat when it came. Oh yeah... and a 6 ounce jar of sweet potatoes!

So, I'm betting that tomorrow will be another slim pickin's day... and that's okay. We just keep following his lead and watching for his hunger cues. He'll tell us what's right for him!

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Grandpa [ ] January 16 2006 05:10
How about some of Oma's pizza, Robert? You could challenge Uncle Kracker, uh Andrew. Your daddy does pretty good on Oma's pizza too.

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