January 29 2006 23:44 (+ 3 - 7 )
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Robert never really took to a bottle... and he hasn't really gotten the hang of his sippy cups (because they're spill-proof and a lot like a bottle nipple). However, he has liked drinking from my full glass of water for awhile now. So I pulled out some tupperware cups that I had packed away and let him go to town with his own cup today. Now, I only give him a little bit of water (a few Tablespoons) at a time because sometimes he gets excited that he's actually drinking that he throws his arms up... with the water cup still in his hands =) Picture below...

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Trying to think of other things he's doing (whether new or I just haven't written about them...). He's babbling more lately - with more inflection and in longer "sentences." He finally has the signals for "up" (hands over his head) and "YAY!" (clapping) straightened out. I'm trying to teach him "How old are you?" (hold up one finger). Any music that comes on TV or the radio gets him bouncing along (or just shaking his butt!) and clapping. He's also been very cooperative in getting dressed for about a month plus now - I'll guide his hands to the arm holes and he'll put his arms through for me (thought the thumbs occasionally get stuck!). He's also become more adventurous with his solids - tonight eating about a fifth of my chicken parmesan sandwich and some "crumblyflower." He's been boycotting the jarred green veggies, but he was fine with eating some of the spinach and sun-dried tomatoes from my pasta last night (as well as the chicken, pasta, garlic and sauce). He will still eat the babyfood fruits mixed into his cereal. I'm going to try him on some oatmeal in the next day or so, too. I have a feeling he eats the baby cereal because of the fruit - not because of the consistency.

On the bad side... I'm so afraid Robert is turning into a biter. Whenever he gets frustrated, he goes mouth first to whatever's there... coffee table, couch cushion, my knee (calf, foot, toe, chin). When he does it, I sternly tell him no... and if he bites me I put him on the floor and walk away for one minute (the minute per year time-out thing). He'll usually throw a little tantrum and then go on with his life. The only other human he has ever tried to bite is his little friend, Alex (Angie's son two months his junior) - he goes for Alex's head if we aren't watching closely - but it's never been out of frustration there - we always just assumed it was teething. I'm soooo hoping this is just a phase.

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